4 tech trends for 2022

The pandemic has made the world go through several changes, but one of them was technology. In 2021 working from home continued to rise along with telemedicine and online shopping which further fueled cloud computing video conferencing platforms as well an increase in contactless payment options like PEO Canada offers you may want help hiring talented marketing professionals for your company who can work remotely overseas.

Given everything that has been happening in recent months, and the advances in technology studies, what will be the main trends for the next year?

The answer to this question is especially important in the corporate world. After all, it is necessary to know the technological innovations of 2022 to be able to understand which ones make sense for your business and prepare to adopt them.

  1. Video Content

So why is video content growing very rapidly? As it turns out, for 72% of internet users, the most enjoyable source of getting information is video content. After covid-19 pandemic people started to prefer shorter videos, since they were time consuming and easy to understand. That is why TikTok has become very popular in recent years. Because of its popularity, TikTok is a great place to popularize products. If you want to earn money by creating content, get tiktok likes instant.

2. Metaverse

The metaverse is one of the main technological topics of the moment and it seems that it will grow even more in the next year. The term indicates the representation of a virtual universe that encompasses elements of games, cryptocurrencies, social media, augmented reality and virtual reality .

Through their digital avatars, people will be able to interact with the virtual world in a much more realistic way.

The metaverse is considered the future of the internet by many experts and has the potential to change the way users communicate and shop online. It is not by chance that Facebook announced the investment of US$ 50 million in the construction of this technology .

3. Cybersecurity

The pandemic intensified the relationship of people (individuals and legal entities) with the digital world. In addition to the numerous benefits, this new scenario also presents some challenges, such as cyber attacks — studies estimate that crimes could reach 80% of organizations worldwide in 2022 .

To prevent this from happening and undermining the integrity of corporate data, organizations will need to invest even more in cybersecurity technologies, such as backups, network monitoring and access controls.

4. 5G

In Brazil, 5G mobile internet network plans will arrive in full swing in 2022. This means that it will be possible to experience a much faster internet than 4G connections and with extremely low latency.

With a more stable internet, it will be possible to connect even more objects simultaneously, make video calls with better quality, download and send large files by cell phone, among other possibilities.

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