A Comprehensive Glossary Of All The Important Online Casino Terms 

Learning some common casino terminologies is the best way to start if you’re looking to gamble online at top casino sites. You’ll often find some of these casino terms used in blogs, vlogs, community forums, live dealer rooms, and other places. And although it’s almost impossible to know all casino terms out there, learning the most basic ones is critical. So, get your notebook ready to save these popular gambling terms.

Advantage player

An advantage player is an online gambler with a slight edge over the house. This player often uses strategies such as card counting and edge sorting to gain an advantage.


This is the initial wager before a card game like poker or blackjack starts.


One of the two main betting positions in baccarat. In some games/casinos, the dealer normally occupies this position.


This is a specific amount of money set aside for gambling in Canada.

Bet behind

Bet behind is a popular term in blackjack. It’s an in-game feature that allows gamers to make a wager on other players’ hands. This means that players don’t have to wait for an empty blackjack seat when they gamble in Canada.

Blind bet

A bet placed before the cards are dealt.


The amount players must pay to enter a poker or slot tournament.

Cascading reels

Cascading Reels is a slot machine feature where winning symbols collapse and are replaced by new icons, increasing winning chances.


These mediums of exchange are often used in table games to represent money value.


The process where croupiers give out cards to the players and themselves.


Adding another card and completing a hand in games like baccarat, blackjack, and poker.

Even money

These are bets with a 1:1 payout. In other words, players receive a double payout if the bet is successful.

Face card

In card games, this term refers to Kings, Queens, and Jacks.

Flash casino

A web-based casino or an instant-play casino.


Casino dealers use this term to refer to gamblers who tip them well.

High roller

A gambler who often deposits, bets, and withdraws enormous sums.

House edge

The mathematical advantage that the casino gives to the house. The rate is often in percentages.

Instant casino

An online casino that allows online gamblers to play directly on their browsers.


The online casino library with all games.


A value that multiplies your payout by the specified amount.


A hand of 21 in blackjack and 8/9 in baccarat.


A blackjack hand worth at least 17.


Paylines are the vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines to form a winning combination in slots.

Reload bonus

The reward gives to players on their second, third, fourth, or fifth deposit.


The amount of bet placed by a player.

Tap out

This is when a casino player depletes their account balance and cannot play anymore.


The dealer’s card that displays its face value.


This is another term used for a bet at online casinos.


Wilds are premium online slot symbols that replace standard icons except scatters.


When you gamble online in Canada with massive amounts, you’re a “whale.”


These are some of the most common casino terms when you gamble online. Of course, the list can be endless, meaning you’ll learn more terminologies with time.

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