Air Track Mats – Professional’s Choice

Air track mats are widely used by many professional athletes today because they are very safe to use. Apart from this, you can use them in your house, or you can carry them in your backyard because they are very lightweight and portable to carry. However, it is trendy among gymnasts to use the gymnastic mat or inflated mats. Kameymall is one of the best websites which provides you with some high-quality air track mats at an economical price.

The advantages of using inflated mats are many because they are better than traditional mats. Air mats are generally filled with air which makes them very soft and smooth. In addition, air makes them very bouncy, which is essential for gymnastic activities. Some advantages of using air track mats are mentioned below.

Advantages of using gymnastic mats

  1.   Reduce the replenishment injuries – Mostly, people over the age of 55 who have been using simple rubber mats are going through various pains in their body parts because a rubber mat is a single layer of rubber that can be painful after a few hours of exercise.

Although, inflated mats are made up of a soft artificial material known as PVC. This is filled with air to provide a smooth and soft experience to the user. So this would be an ideal choice if you like to exercise at home.

  1.   Longer training sessions – Because of a good experience, the user will always feel doing exercise is fun. This can lead to a more extended training session which makes them perfect in their field.
  2.   Faster progression – The more you practice, the more you learn; practice makes a man perfect is a true saying. Practicing on these mats saves you a lot of time because they are very soft and smooth, making you excited about doing more exercise.

Air track mats make it easier to exercise for an athlete or gymnast, and users can train for a longer period. The Air track mat’s bounciness is less than the trampoline, so the speed of coming back after jumping would be faster than a trampoline.

  1.   More bounce than simple foam mats – While learning new skills, you might need a little help, and jumping is necessary for every gymnast while performing their activities. The simple foam mat does not provide extra jumps while practicing on them.

On the other hand, air track mats are bouncy as compared to the simple mat, which makes it a whole easier for a gymnast to perform a new activity. You can try a thicker mat if you need extra bounciness while performing your exercise. You can also use weight of 7 foot olympic bar to perform your regular exercise in the home.

  1.   More portable than a form mat – Inflated mats are very portable to use, and they can be stored easily if you don’t want to use them. Foam mats need a lot of space to store because they can only be folded or collapsed. But the track mats are after removing the air inside them and can be folded to a significantly smaller size for stor
  2.   age.
  3.   Suitable for kids – Tumbling is often a fun activity, especially for kids, because they enjoy jumping a lot. You don’t have to take your kids out to make them enjoy the trampoline. Inflated mats work as a trampoline which provides upward force to the user while jumping on them. It is suitable for your kids because they will try with them the whole day, and you don’t have to worry about their safety.

How to install an air track mat?

Installing and using tumbling mats is very easy, and you don’t even need any serviceman for that. Follow the manual guide that Kameymall provides with their air track mats which you have ordered from them. It is a well known website which offers everything with their products. Below are some points which might help you to set up your air mat.

ü  Firstly, open the box safely without damaging your mat because these track mats are prone to sharp objects without air filling them in.

ü  After opening the box, the first thing that you will need is an air pump to fill the air in them because it is not possible to fill the air with the mouth in them as they need a lot of air.

ü  For easy filling, you must use an electric air pump as a manual pump can be complex and time-consuming.

ü  After filling the air, check the valve properly because closing valves is necessary. If you fail to close the valve properly, your mats might leak air slowly.

Air track mat is one of the best products for a person who likes to be in shape or a gymnast. They are very safe to use for adults and kids as well. Gymnastic mats guarantee the safety of their users. The most important thing is that you must wear shoes with soft soles. Stiff soles can damage your air track mats slowly.

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