How to install car vinyl wrap? Should you get it done by professionals?

While installing a car vinyl wrap, you should properly follow the steps mentioned below if you want to get excellent quality and long-lasting results:

Measure the surface of the vehicle

Firstly, when wrapping your vehicle, inspect and measure the surface of your car. Since every vehicle has unique dimensions and potential problem areas, mapping out the vehicle’s exterior is of utmost importance. This will help you identify what curves will create extra tension in the vinyl, where you will have to adjust the application process for problem areas, and where extra care has to be taken.

Preparation of the surface of the vehicle

The vehicle’s surface will then need to be appropriately cleaned to eliminate debris or dirt as it might interfere with the vinyl wrap application. If there is any damage on the surface of the vehicle or rust or scratch on the surface, this calls for repair. If the damage is not repaired, it might show through the vinyl or cause damage to the wrap, lowering its durability.

Take measurements and cut the vinyl

An essential step in installing vinyl wrap is correctly measuring and cutting vinyl to tuck every corner of the vehicle neatly. A professional installer will add 5-6 inches to the measurement and then trim away the extra material once the wrap has been installed. This brings down the risk of imperfections and provides a professional finish.

Lay the wrap

After cleaning and taking measurements, the next step is to carefully peel the backing off the vinyl and lay the wrap on the vehicle. Be extra cautious, as vinyl can get a little unmanageable, and you don’t want it to stick to itself. Ensure your hands are tidy, start the process from the middle part, and move on towards the edges to avoid air bubbles. Once the vinyl is applied and you are satisfied with the application, you should use a squeegee and a heat gun to remove any air bubbles that may have been trapped.

The reason why you should get your vinyl wrap installed by a professional

If you are considering purchasing vinyl car wraps, you might have considered buying a wrap and applying it yourself to save money. Although this will bring your cost down, installing a wrap by yourself with no proper knowledge and tools will increase the risk of imperfections like bubbling or any other damage and reduce the durability of vinyl wrap. This is why you should consider getting your vinyl installed by a professional. They have the appropriate training, knowledge, and experience to install the vinyl wrap correctly. They know the correct way of cutting the wrap with the proper tools you may not have. Vinyl wraps installers know and can handle any element of your project with expertise without getting stuck at any point.

Don’t take the pain of installing the vinyl wrap by yourself. It is a tedious and detailed-oriented job requiring patience, the right tools, and knowledge. Therefore, hiring a professional who will patiently do the job the right way is advisable.

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