The Biggest Swedish star right now – Armand Duplantis

The Swedish Pole Vaulter Armand Duplantis is actually one of the biggest athletes on the planet. Recently he was included in the vote of who is the biggest sports star in the world.

We understand why. Armand has been the front person for Pole vault for a couple of years now and his fame only grows for each day. Until now he has beaten his own world record 6 times and no one thinks he will stop.

How much is Armand Duplantis salary and net worth?

Armand Duplantis earns his salary in many different ways. First of all, he doesnt have a normal salary as you or me, he earns his money from:

  • Bonuses
  • Sponsorships
  • Price Money

So it’s very hard to say exactly how much Armand Duplantis has in salary. But according to a swedish sportsite called,  his standard earnings has been between 400,000 EUR and 800,000 EUR, but last year it reached somewhere around 1.5m EUR.

This is a lot of money for a young athlete, but he seems very down to earth and his dad has definitively teached him whatäs important in life.

What is Pole Vault?

Pole vaulting is a track and field event that has seen significant development and evolution in recent decades.

The advancements in technology and training methods have resulted in higher and more consistent performance levels among athletes in the sport, as well as an increase in the number of elite pole vaulters out there.

One of the most significant developments in pole jumping over the last few decades has been the introduction of composite materials, such as carbon fiber, in the construction of the pole.

The use of these materials has greatly improved the flexibility, strength and durability of the pole and as a result, it allows vaulters to reach greater heights and be able to set new records at a higher pace than before.

Armand Duplantis utilize the development of the Pole

Additionally, the design of the pole has improved in order to respond to the needs of vaulters, allowing them to have a better control of the pole during the jump, this led to a decrease in the number of failed attempts, which Armand Duplantis is a real proof of.

His failed attempts are getting lower and lower, and many sports enthusiasts think that he will be unstoppable for many years to come. Ever since he was only a few years old, he wanted to be the best in the world at Pole vaulting, and now he is.

Another major development has been in the training and coaching methods of pole vaulters, where Armands dad Greg Duplantis, has led the way with his own career in the backpack.

The use of video analysis, biomechanical research and data analysis has allowed him and Armand Duplantis to study the sport in greater detail and to identify areas for improvement.

This has led to a more scientific approach to training, with a focus on specific exercises and drills to improve the vaulter’s technique, strength and speed. All details count and are important.

The Digital development in Pole Vault

The advent of digital technology has also had a significant impact on the pole jumping event. The use of digital cameras, sensors and other devices has enabled Greg and Armand Duplantis to collect data on his performances, analyze it and make adjustments to his technique as needed.

This has allowed for much more precise and accurate training and also real-time monitoring of the conditions for the specific event, such as wind and humidity.

In terms of competition, the introduction of the pole vault runway with a take-off board, placed in a foam-filled pit has increased safety and helped to reduce the risk of injury. This development has allowed athletes to push their limits and reach new heights, without being afraid as they were before.

Another development is the incorporation of indoor pole vault competitions which allows pole vaulters to train and compete throughout the whole year. Which has given the opportunity for many more athletes to become specialized in pole vault, and to not depend on the weather conditions. As you hear, it’s not like the standard sports, where all are more or less the same as always.

Key Points why Armand Duplantis is the best in the world

Overall, pole jumping has seen significant advancements over the last few decades. The introduction of new technologies, materials, and training methods has led to higher and more consistent performance levels among athletes and especially Armand Duplantis. It has also helped to increase the number of elite pole vaulters.

These advancements have contributed to making pole jumping an exciting and dynamic sport that continues to evolve and attract more and more fans around the world.

We are watching Armand Duplantis with amazement and who know for how many years he will be the king of Pole Vault?

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