Thermage around the eyes

wrinkle correction The skin around the eyes is sagging. Can be solved with Eye Thermage (Eye). Most people tend to focus on the face. until neglecting the skin around the eyes Until causing wrinkles, bags under the eyes, dark eyes around the eyes. which wrinkles can occur with all genders Due to excessive use of the eyes, such as sleeping late, including increasing age

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Causes of wrinkles around the eyes

– increasing age factors that cannot be avoided when getting older Collagen in the skin layer is reduced. The skin is not tightened and wrinkles can occur.

– Wiping off makeup and rubbing eyes Caused by wiping makeup is not clean. Or may accidentally rub the eyes vigorously causing the skin around the eyes to be harmed unknowingly.

– Sunlight and pollution It is what stimulates the formation of melamine pigments. It is the cause of wrinkles, blemishes and freckles.

– facial expressions Because they have to express their emotions every day, including smiling, frowning, and laughing, which is another cause of wrinkles.

– not enough rest That comes from staying up late or using everyday life. As a result, the skin is dehydrated and hydrated. It is another cause of wrinkles around the eyes.

Get to know Thermage

It is a skin tightening technology with radio waves (Radio Frequency). Thermage can effectively lift the face. It has the property of heat power that can shoot down into 3 layers of skin, namely the epidermis layer, the dermis layer and the fat layer, which can solve the problem of sagging skin, lack of collagen, resulting in a firmer skin structure, helping to restore and stimulate the creation of new collagen Reduce the appearance of wrinkles It also helps the skin to be healthy. Smoother in one go Can treat all skin types And the results will continue to improve within 2-6 months.

Lifting and tightening around the eyes with Thermage

Lifting and tightening around the eyes with a thermage machine Suitable for those who want to lift and tighten eyelids, ptosis, fat around the eyelids and under the eyes. Want to reduce wrinkles around the eyes It will go in to reduce fat that accumulates around the eyelids and bags under the eyes. causing the shrinkage of fat resulting in lifting and helps to stimulate the production of collagen in the wrinkled area, resulting in smoothness and tightness, not sagging

tightening around the eyes Who is it suitable for?

– People with sagging eye area problems There is a lot of fat around the face and wrinkles.

– People with ptosis Lift and tighten the eye area Iron the eye area to restore youthfulness.

– Those whose face looks older than age, dull, not bright, collagen or elastin under the skin deteriorates

How long does it take to do it?

The first step is Clean the area to be treated. Followed by an anesthetic mask for about 30-45 minutes. Next, a grid-shaped sheet is applied to the skin, and the Eyeshield is applied. In order to protect the eyes from RF waves, after that, a medical professional will begin to follow the procedure of Eyelid Thermage, similar to eye treatment, which takes about 30-45 minutes, so it takes about 1 hour to complete the procedure. to do more activities

comparison Lifting and tightening around the eyes Thermage vs Ulthera

The work of Thermage and Altera is different in that Thermage eye (eye) will shoot heat from radio waves into the skin to the fat layer. But Altera around the eyes sends ultrasound waves to lift and tighten around the eyes to the SMAS layer. After the shot, results will be seen immediately, but only 20-30%. After about 3 months, the results will be clearer. After doing it, there is a slight redness, within 24 hours it will gradually improve and disappear.

Wrinkles around the eyes are caused by aging. not enough rest or even the sunlight that we encounter each day edited with thermage Answer all problems around the eyes Solve problems accurately and precisely before making a decision. and compare prices carefully. The place and equipment must meet the standards. There is a specialist doctor who truly gives advice.

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