Top 10 Mobile Puzzle Games

If you are looking for a new game to play, there are many different kinds of puzzle games on the market, but these top ten games are available on f95games and the best for the entire family. Whether you are looking for a quick, addictive game that has you working with blocks, or something more challenging, puzzle games are great for all ages. Below are some of the most popular titles for puzzle games on mobile phones.


If you love to play puzzle games, you’ve probably heard of Lemmings. These tri-coloured creatures that fall from the sky need your help to reach their burrow. To help them, you can tap various tabs on the bottom of the screen. Each one has a different function in hanjuthai. To help them, you’ll need to tap the right one at the right time. However, this game can become frustrating if you can’t keep up with the levels.

Lemmings are one of the most well-known and popular puzzle games today. In the game, you guide a group of anthropomorphic lemmings to the exit while saving as many as possible. You can also assign different skills to the lemmings to help them change their environment, clear obstacles, and so on. This will make the game more challenging, but the rewards are worth it!

Mini Metro

The simple premise of Mini Metro is to design a subway system, and the game mechanics quickly become meaningful representations of real-world transportation problems. Many people find this game relaxing and send it to friends and family who complain about public transport. The game has many interesting aspects, including the passage of time mechanic, which allows you to choose an upgrade for your train on a Sunday. This makes Mini Metro a great choice for anyone who likes to take their time and enjoy their puzzle games.

In order to complete a long run, players must connect lines between stations. Different symbols represent stations and travelers use these symbols to find connections in turboafiliado. The lines between stations should be strategically placed, as many idle passengers will cause stations to become crowded. When too many commuters don’t use a particular train, the game ends. Players must build an efficient transportation system to keep their cities moving. The more efficient your system is, the better off you’ll be.

Bridge Constructor Portal

The sequel to the critically acclaimed Portal series, Bridge Constructor, is a clever mix of puzzle and first-person shooter games. It trades first-person shooting for a more methodical approach. The game features many of the same mechanics, but it doesn’t quite reach the heights of the series in 123gonews. We’ve compiled some of our thoughts on the game. Read on to find out why it’s a great fit for fans of the Portal series.

Despite its simplistic gameplay, Bridge Constructor Portal is a challenging game. To succeed, you’ll have to fine-tune tiny joints and girders. The goal is to build a stable bridge, while avoiding damage to your vehicles. The game requires patience and creativity. Although Bridge Constructor Portal is not hard, it is very frustrating at times. You’ll need patience to master the various levels, and the difficulty will increase as you progress.

Monument Valley

The game Monument Valley is a unique and surreal exploration experience that combines impossible geometry and fantastic architecture. In Monument Valley, you play as the silent princess Ida, who must journey across abandoned monuments to place a geometric figure at the summit of each one. As she does so, she will encounter various characters including cryptic apparitions and annoying crows in gingle. As she makes her way to the top of each monument, she must avoid the various obstacles that have been stacked on top of her.

The game is not too difficult for people with small hands. You can complete the game in under two hours. It’s easy to solve and has an eerie soundtrack that will keep you engaged throughout. The graphics are reminiscent of M.C. Escher’s work, and the game is extremely fun to play. However, the controls can be a bit finicky. You can move your main character by clicking on places, but this can be frustrating at times.

We Were Here Together

The first We Were Here Together review gives a glimpse of this game’s unique mechanics. The game is a cooperative puzzle game in which players must solve puzzles together. Each team member must use a radio to communicate and work together to find the right frequency in urgroveinfo. Players can also play a memory game in the castle room. Players also have the opportunity to brew poisons and connect pipes.

We Were Here Together is a team-based adventure game that emphasizes communication and teamwork. It begins at a research base camp, where two explorers become stranded on a frozen continent. Their goal is to find their comrades and rescue them. It takes teamwork to succeed, so this game can be a challenge for gamers of all skill levels. It has also received critical acclaim for being a top game for many gamers.


Developed by Asher Vollmer, Greg Wohlwend and Jimmy Hinson, Threes! is a puzzle video game. It first appeared on iOS devices on February 6, 2014, and was later ported to Android, Xbox One and Windows Phone. It was published by the Swedish game studio Popcap Games. It was praised for its unique art style and challenging levels, but many users found the game lacking in replay value. This article is intended to give you an overview of the game’s most important features and strategies.

To conclude

The game’s unique approach to combining numbers creates an engaging environment. You must match larger numbers to reveal a different character. In Threes, each character is introduced with a cute bio and confetti-filled screen. Sound effects accompany each character’s bio and add motivation to the game. Once you have mastered this skill, you can unlock new characters and play the game to the fullest. Threes! can be played on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

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