What Are The Types Of Custom Boxes With Logo Available For You

If you are looking for a box, you must know that several types of boxes are available on the market. Here we will tell you about custom boxes with logo. We have listed them below:

Auto Lock Bottom Boxes

This is a box with a bottom that locks into place. You can use them to ship items, or you can use them for storage purposes as well. This type of custom box is very common, and many different sizes are available to fit your needs.

Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Cardboard shipping boxes are the most common type of custom box with a logo. They are here to pack products and are available in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs at Alibaba. Depending on the product you want to ship, you can choose from various types, such as flat-side boxes or side-flap boxes.

They also come with various accessories such as labels, sliders, and tape, which you can customize according to your requirements. The cardboard material used in these boxes is corrugated fiberboard, providing excellent strength while maintaining flexibility during transit time.

Corrugated Die Cut Boxes

They are an excellent choice for packaging because they are sturdy and it can fit your product. They also offer a variety of options that other types of boxes do not have, such as:

  • The ability to cover the front or back of the box with printing
  • A window on either side of the box allows you to see what’s inside without opening it up

Some examples of corrugated die-cut packaging include:

  • Candy wrappers
  • Gift card holders
  • Book covers

Foldable Mailer Boxes

Foldable mailer boxes, accordions, or folding display boxes are a great option if you want to impact your packaging. This type of box is typically made from corrugated cardboard. It features numerous folds that allow it to open and fold flat for easy storage.

They are great for displaying jewelry, art pieces, apparel, and more. They allow customers to see what they’re buying without having to remove anything from the packaging. You can use them as gift baskets or bags if you want something fancier than a standard mailing envelope but don’t want an elaborate display box.

Custom Window Boxes

Window boxes are a tool used in marketing and advertising. They allow you to show off your brand or company uniquely while presenting your product or service in an interesting, visually appealing manner.

They are easy to use as well! All you need is some glue and tape or staples, then start decorating away. The more colorful & creative the decoration on top of the box. It means better visual impact when someone sees it from far away, so don’t hold back when ordering yours now!


As you can see, many different types of custom boxes with logo are available today. Each type has its characteristics and uses, so it is important to choose wisely when making an order. If you need help deciding what kind of box is best for your needs, then contact the Alibaba seller. They will help you to get it.

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