What is PU Foam and PIR Foam?

PU Foam and PIR Foam are polyurethane foam insulation or thermal insulation, which is insulating technology or foam. insulating heat on the surface of the material used as an insulating injection called “Polyurethane foam (Polyurethane Foam)” or foam heat itself. which is the best insulator Compared to the overall features with other types of insulation The details are as follows.

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 PIR insulation foam or Polyisocyanurate Foam (PIR) is a ready-made fireproof insulation sheet. There are pir foam and rock wool insulation wall panels asbestos as a filling in the middle of the sheet. Can withstand high temperatures of more than 300 degrees, is a non-flammable insulator. which is used to build and install as a fireproof room as well as heat insulation, soundproofing, sound-absorbing, heat-insulating, sound-absorbing insulation Developed for use as a fire insulator Excellent fire protection in room wall systems.

Insulation foam or Polyisocyanurate Foam is Polyisocyanurate. It is of high fireproof quality and is also an insulating sheet. The prefabricated wall panels have foam wall insulation panels that passed GMP cold storage and the insulation panels have PS foam, PU , PUR, PIR foam panels and rockwool asbestos. The official name is eps foam (Polystyrene foam) , foam. Yellow PU or PIR (Polyurethane foam) and yellow polyisocyanurate foam and asbestos (rockwool) and

sheet properties Polyisocyanurate Foam is as follows:

  1. Insulation foam pir or Polyisocyanurate PIR used to produce Sandwich panel uses color-coated steel on both sides which is color-coated steel that has undergone a rust prevention process and is coated with several layers of quality paint as follows:

– The first layer of steel is coated with anti-rust paint (Conversion Coating).

– Second-class steel coated with paint primer(Corrosion inhibitive primer polyester(PE))

– The top steel is painted Top coat (Finishing coat Polyester (PE))

  1. Insulation foam or prefabricated insulation panels have a type that is a fireproof room wall. Use a fire insulation called pirfoam yellow foam, called the full name. polyisocyanurate foam, which this type of foam has outstanding properties than others. It is a non-flammable foam with index value between 350-370. It is a real pir insulation better than normal pir but must have a very high quality sandwich panel contimuous machine from Germany to be confident. The quality is 100%, so it can be tested to pass Fm approved or Fm approval easily. And it is an environmentally friendly foam. There is another type of asbestos, known as roclwool, which is also a good fireproof insulation. Because asbestos is sourced from the rock itself.
  2. Thermal insulation foam sheet, produced by modern sandwich panel machine, with Z-Lock system, U Joont system.
  3. Ready-made insulation panels polyisocyanurate foam is a material that has temperature control properties or controls the transfer of temperature well and is a good fire insulation. It is a type that is being popularly used at the present and can be used all over Thailand such as Rayong, Chonburi, Samut Sakhon, Samut Songkhram, Chiang Mai, Nakhon Sawan, Ayutthaya, Prachinburi, etc. and pir insulation panels have many names such as cold room walls, cold room panels, Insulated panels, ready-made insulation panels. , Clean room sheet , Clean room , Cold room insulation panel , Insulation wall , Insulated Panel , Polystylence panel , Polyuretance Panel , Polyisocyanurate Panel , Rock wool panel , Asbestos sheet , Cold room , Asbestos insulation , Fire insulation , Insulation Fireproof , white foam wall , yellow foam wall and many others. The use of insulation panels in the food industry, clean room warehouse factory, Cold storage plants, factories, etc. The production of sandwich panels must go through a quality manufacturing facility that has passed various testing and is equipped with a variety of equipment. That is an element that helps to control the temperature better. There will be Floor heater , sliding door , Swing door , aluminum profile , PVC curtain , Overhead door , Auto Sliding door and Auto swing door and have Window glass. Quality control Good products must have a good insulating room, so must choose a quality sandwich panel that uses good quality steel such as bluescope steel to prevent rust from occurring in the future, etc. The installation team must also be involved If it is installed badly, it will cause bad quality as well. It is called Bad quality.
  4. Details of insulation foam core insulation used to produce prefabricated insulating panels as follows:

– Polyisocyanurate foam is a ready-made insulation sheet, yellow foam or PIR (Polyisocyanurate) foam, a material similar to polyurethane foam. But it is more resistant to heat. Due to its chemical structure, it is a ring that is resistant to heat and flame. Due to its low thermal conductivity, it is suitable for use as insulation. energy saving It is strong, lightweight, vapor permeable and non-flammable. Polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation sheet has a burn resistant isocyanurate ring structure. Resistant to heat up to 400°C and PIR fires will cause a tan (Char) to help prevent oxygen gas from touching the foam inside. which is to prevent fire

– Rock wool is a Sandwich panel. Rockwool insulation is a material made from natural volcanic rock. Rock fibers are produced by machines under standard control. and the fibers will break like a stick of chalk. Diameter 4-5 microns, which can provide superior protection against fire. energy saving and also increase the efficiency of soundproofing as well. Most importantly, it is not harmful to health. When inhaled The body can excrete itself.

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