Why Is Sports Part of the News?

Sports journalists face many challenges, including a time crunch caused by shrinking departments and the need to produce content more quickly. While they are producing more content, they are also juggling a wider range of tasks, from writing copy to designing print pages and monitoring social media. Some sports journalists are even being asked to cover multiple beats, as the demands of the digital age mean that they are less able to get access to official sources and act as their own publishers.

Students can brainstorm persuasive strategies to convince readers to read the SPORTS section of the newspaper. In addition to identifying the headlines, students can also identify the sport. Some students may want to find the vernacular of the sport, such as soccer or tennis. Other students may want to learn the history of sports and how to find gift ideas for sports fans. As students develop their knowledge of sports and how they affect society, they can then write about the topic in a persuasive manner webtoon.

Sports reporting has its roots in Victorian England, when journalists covered horse races and boxing, and they reported on the social context of the races. The Boat Race, a rowing competition between Oxford and Cambridge, was also a source of newsworthy events. In 1856, it was reported that the Boat Race became the first “mass spectator event” in journalism. The Boat Race, which takes place annually, has been part of the news for centuries.

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