Does Your Business Website Need Managed VPS Hosting?

One of the first decisions you make when creating a business website is the type of hosting you will use. Your three options, ranked by pricing from the cheapest to the costliest, are: shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS) hosting, and dedicated server hosting. It can be tempting to opt for the most affordable option, shared hosting, and maybe upgrade as you get more traffic. But, in some cases, you should consider getting managed VPS hosting from the get-go, as this article will explain.

What is Managed VPS Hosting?

Shared hosting is when a number of websites share a server – it is cheaper but your website’s performance is affected by the other sites sharing the server resources. In dedicated server hosting, your site is assigned a physical server. VPS hosting is the middle-ground between the two extremes, you get dedicated resources without paying for a full server.

When you use managed VPS hosting from IONOS, all server maintenance, updating, and management are done by the service’s experts. If you choose unmanaged VPS hosting, you are in charge of managing your server software, keeping it updated, general maintenance, and managing the security features as well.

Why Should You Get Managed VPS Hosting?

So, why should you opt for managed VPS hosting?

Better Website Performance

VPS hosting gives you dedicated resources in terms of bandwidth, RAM, storage, and processing power. You are not sharing it with other sites on the same server. This means that your website performance in terms of loading speed and uptime is almost guaranteed. Your online brand’s reputation depends on the user experience on your website.

It is Cheaper than Dedicated Server Hosting

Since you don’t get to pay for a whole physical server, you enjoy the benefits of dedicated resources at a much lower price. VPS pricing is determined by the storage space, bandwidth, and server resources that you choose. For a new website, this isn’t much, and your pricing won’t be that far off from shared server plans.

It is Scalable

The storage size and server resources that you need can be upgraded at a moment’s notice if your needs change. If your business website begins to get more traffic than your initial plan can handle, or if you are approaching a peak sales season (such as black Friday), you can ask your provider to scale up your cloud resources. You can do this as your business grows until you reach the point where dedicated server hosting makes financial sense.

It is secure

With managed VPS hosting, the provider’s IT experts are in charge of maintaining the security safeguards on your server. This means that your security systems will always be up-to-date and in line with the best industry standards.


Shared hosting can work for a small personal blog, but a business website needs to be at peak performance constantly. VPS hosting gives your website dedicated server resources at a much lower rate than dedicated server hosting costs. If you use managed VPS hosting, then your hosting provider will ensure that your software and security features are maintained and updated. Besides the performance and security benefits, VPS hosting is extremely scalable and your VPS server can grow with your online business.

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